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Here is how Barcelona fans can participate in Camp Nou match

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The remaining LaLiga Santander matches scheduled to be played in empty stadiums, Barcelona fans will be able to take part in the Camp Nou all thanks to an initiative initiated by the club.

In an effort to create more excitement between now and the end of the season, Images of fans will be projected on the big screen during the matches.

The club has collaborated with its global ambassador, CUPRA, on a campaign called ‘Let’s win this match together.’

Marc-Andre ter Stegen told the club’s website, “Playing at our Camp Nou is always special where the support of our fans is important.” 

“This CUPRA initiative is great as it allows us to feel their presence.

“We need to adapt to the situation and in this way, we can create a winning atmosphere for our home matches.”

Fans can already start sending their photos to the CUPRA website to be shown on the Camp Nou screen.

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