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Hellas smashed Benevento Calcio

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Hellas were more effective and took the lead after the action of the two best players of the team: Mattia Zaccagni was in the lead to Antonin Barak, and the Czech Republic scored a goal.

The goalkeeper of Hellas saved his team several times, and he did a great job after the blows of Gianluca Caprari, Gianluca Lapadula and Roberto Insigne, among others.

In the second half, Benevento led to an evening-out when Lapadula used Caprari’s pass.

However, Benevento did not follow the punch and immediately lost the goal. Barak showed a wonderful shot on the outside of his foot.

The fact that Filippo Inzaghi’s team did not score a goal in the first half is thanks to Marco Silvestri.

The result of the match with a headshot in the last quarter of the game was determined by Darko Lazović.

Hellas had such big problems in the first 45 minutes that Ivan Jurić changed two defenders during the break.

After six rounds, Serie A Hellas has 11 points and, together with Napoli, Inter, and Roma, they are ranking 5-8. Benevento is thirteenth.

Verona Hellas – Benevento Calcio 3-1 

Goals: Barak (17, 63), Lazović (77), Lapadula (56)

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