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Group C: North Macedonia Team Preview Ahead Of Euro 2020

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North Macedonia arrived at the Euros with a brilliant away win (1-2) over Germany in the World Cup qualifiers, and the squad is feeling very confident ahead of the major event. North Macedonia will enter a big event for the first time in their history. That being said, the coach, staff, and players will all get goosebumps when they step onto the pitch to represent their country. We have noted down a preview of North Macedonia in Group C ahead of Euro 2020.

The team advanced to the Euros as the present squad consistently rises to the occasion, and their unbreakable chemistry, strong character, and true quality. The victory over ‘Die Mannschaft’ in Duisburg was a major message that Macedonia can fight with the top national teams in the world, and to continue this trend the European Championship is the ideal platform.

The entire country is proud of manager Igor Angelovski and the players. With the Euros approaching, they are confident and optimistic that they will make it at least to the knockout stage.

With only the Netherlands standing out as a clear favorite Group C is well-balanced in terms of quality. The other three teams are very close and comparable, and the competition for second and third place in the final standings will be fierce.

In the Euro qualifiers, Macedonia played Austria, so they are familiar with each other, although Ukraine, while clearly talented, is not a top-tier national side. If Macedonia demonstrates the quality, determination, and motivation that propelled the country to the Euros, we have no doubt that the knockout stage, which is the ultimate goal, is within reach.

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