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Gnabry express gratitude towards Mertesacker 

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Despite the fact that Mertesacker was hard on Bayern winger Serge Gnabry, he describes him as particularly positive and he also opened up to his life at Arsenal

The attacker moved to Arsenal from Stuttgart when he was a teenager, he claims that the move was a big one for him.

Mertesacker is currently working for the Gunners Academy, the Germany international express gratitude to him for the way he drove him when he was younger.

The 24-year-old said to The Players’ Tribune, “He’s always been so hard on me, but in a good way.” 

“He was like an older brother to me at Arsenal.”

“Like all he says, it’s so intense. Like he’s so tall, and he’s looking down at you trying to be intimidating, but he’s also kind of friendly. Imagine a really friendly Arnold Schwarzenegger or something. This is Per.”

“And no matter what I did in training, he would come up to me afterward and start yelling, like, ’Serge, remember where you came from! You’re in Stuttgart! Humility, humility, man. Serge, you think you’re all right now, huh? You have to be humble! Humility!”

With Union Berlin Bayern’s first opponents aiming to close the Bundesliga title, Gnabry is set to return to play on Sunday after a two-month pause caused by the coronavirus pandemic.