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Giroud will make a decision in January if the playing time at Chelsea is same

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Olivier Giroud is upset about his lack of playing time at Chelsea and confirms that if the condition does not improve, he will have to make a decision about his future in January.

Olivier Giroud indicates that he wants to play more frequently, having played only once for Chelsea so far this season.

Giroud also thinks he will contribute, but looking forward to the postponed Euro 2020 tournament next year he has raised questions about his lack of playing time.

“Even if some people talk about my age, I still feel very good physically. I have a lot of desire and freshness, and what makes a career last is also the head,” Giroud said in an interview with Telefoot.

“We would like things to be a little easier, but we are built-in adversity. And as my buddy [Laurent] Koscielny often says, ‘I am the best when I am back against the wall’.”

“It’s worrying. I thought I still had a role to play at Chelsea, but my playing time is getting reduced a lot. It’s going to have to change, or else make a decision.”

“I am clear-headed about my situation – I will have to make a decision in January. I hope to make the right one, as I have always done”

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