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Gary Neville, Ian Wright, and Roy Keane blows decision of penalty

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Gary Neville, Ian Wright, and Roy Keane blows decision of penalty. The 2022 FIFA World Cup semi-final between Argentina and Croatia featured a penalty that, in the opinion of ITV Sports analysts Gary Neville, Ian Wright, and Roy Keane, shouldn’t have been given. The Vatreni were defeated by La Albiceleste 3-0 to advance to Sunday’s championship game when they will take on either France or Morocco. Messi scored Argentina’s first goal from the penalty spot in the 34th minute, and Julian Alvarez added two more goals to end Croatia’s hopes of making consecutive FIFA World Cup final appearances.

However, that punishment judgment has divided people’s views online, with many believing that Zlatko Dalic was unfairly treated. Dominik Livakovic of Croatia, who was rushing to clear the ball, collided with Alvarez as he ran through on goal and attempted in desperation, to drag him down. Without hesitating, the referee gestured to the penalty area. However, Neville, Wright, and Keane weren’t pleased and thought it shouldn’t have been given.

Neville began by replying, “No, not at all (there shouldn’t have been a penalty). We’re directly above it from this position, which is a little further away, but the goalkeeper emerges and merely makes a motion to his right before stopping himself just before the shot is going to be taken, at which point Alvarez simply charges into him and rips his leg off. This is not being punished. What else might he do? He must execute that maneuver to save the ball, so he sets his feet. I’m not sure if there is a punishment because he stops before it, but if he had continued running out and killed Alvarez, that would have been ok.

Wright concurred, saying, “To be honest, the center forward has miskicked it. The goalkeeper is rendered helpless if he hits it and it enters the goal because, as you say, he is halted. When Alvarez miskicks the ball and it misses the goal, the goalkeeper is forced to stand his ground and collides with him. I’m baffled by the referee’s lack of eye contact. After Neville and Wright expressed their disagreement with the penalty awarded to Argentina in the 2022 FIFA World Cup semifinal.

Asserting the same point, Keane added: “Poor defending overall to let him get a run in on goal, but I agree with the lads I don’t think it’s a penalty, where else are you supposed to go?” In any case, Lionel Messi was content to take the penalty shot and blasted it into the top corner to advance Argentina to the FIFA World Cup final in 2022.

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