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Gary Neville believes Ronaldo is the best player in football world

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Former Manchester United legend Gary Neville has named Cristiano Ronaldo the best player of all time, while Lionel Messi has been described as Ronaldo’s toughest rival. Opening his second innings for Manchester United last week after 12 years, Ronaldo scored two brilliant goals in the first football match of the season as his team beat Newcastle United 4-1.

In such a situation, on Ronaldo’s return, Neville said to Manchester Evening News football news, “Look, there is no doubt that Messi has scored amazing goals, but Ronaldo, He can score with his left foot, his wrong foot, he can score with his right foot, he can score from distance, he’s probably the best poacher now in football, he can score from penalties. Apart from this, if you look at the number of goals scored in international and league tournaments, then Ronaldo is quite ahead. So I think Ronaldo is the best player.”

It is known that Ronaldo has 111 international goals to his name while Messi has 79 international goals to his name. Apart from this, Ronaldo has scored a total of 787 goals in his career so far while Messi has 751 goals in his name. Not only this, Ronaldo has five Champions League titles to his name, while Messi has four Champions League titles. These two players could face each other in the Champions League, in which Messi will be seen in PSG and Ronaldo will be seen in Manchester United’s red jersey.

Gary Neville added, “Ronaldo would be the player in the history of football, that I’ve watched that I would bring off the bench if I had someone win the game for me. I do think he is the greatest football that’s ever lived. [Carragher] is shaking his head but that’s not a bias… I would want to trust [Ronaldo] to win me a football match most, who is the most complete player.”

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