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Gareth Bale’s expectations at Tottenham took downward turn

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Jose Mourinho expressed disappointment at Gareth Bale’s ruling out of the fifth-round loss of Tottenham’s FA Cup against Everton.

After Jose Mourinho refused his injury concerns, Gareth Bale’s expectations for a long-term future at Spurs appeared to take another descending turn.

Finally losing 5-4 to Bernard’s 97th-minute winner, Spurs took their hosts to extra time in a beautifully chaotic contest.

“I think it’s better for me to say,” he said at a post-match news conference when asked to explain the Wales star’s absence.

“So, we played against West Bromwich on a Sunday and he didn’t play. On Monday, I was a bit surprised by him wanting to have a scan because he was not comfortable with some muscular area.”

“So, he didn’t train on Monday, and then on Tuesday he trained with the team but I was informed that his desire was to work with the sports scientists for a couple of days to strengthen that area. That’s the reason why he’s not here.” 

“I don’t think it’s an obvious, clear injury. I would say he feels uncomfortable. Because of that, he could not be 100 percent, but I don’t think an injury.” Asked to elaborate further on whether Bale had disappointed him, Mourinho replied: “This is Everton post-match and Gareth was not here. The only thing I can say is I am being completely open and honest.”

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