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Gareth Bale dismissed retirement rumors with World Cup on the list

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Gareth Bale has dismissed speculation that he could play his last match for Wales and even rumors to take retirement from football. The Welsh captain appeared on a TV interview on Saturday after a 4-0 loss to Denmark that ended his team’s Euro 2020 race in the last 16. Football player Bale said at the end of his one-season Real Madrid’s loan at Tottenham last month that he knew where its future lay, but claimed it would “create chaos” if it was revealed ahead of the European Championship.

However, considering his first appearance at the 1958 World Cup in Wales, he brushed off rumors that he might withdraw from the sport. “I want to keep playing,” Bale told Welsh television channel S4C shortly after completing a previous interview when asked about his international future. “People always ask stupid questions, but obviously I love playing for Wales. I will play for Wales until I stop playing football.”

The Welsh World Cup qualifying campaign resumes in September, with Belarus and Estonia dealt a double blow. The team is set to battle the Czech Republic for second place in the group behind Belgium, which will guarantee a playoff for the final in Qatar in 18 months.

“We’ve just started the World Cup campaign and we said that now we have to take this experience there,” Bale said. “I think when we play well we have a great way of playing. We just need to keep that confidence high, keep playing football and I think we can qualify for the next World Cup.”

It is worth noting that Bale was constantly asked about his possible retirement during the tournament. After being asked in a flash interview about possibly ending his career with the national team, Bale walked away.

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