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Gabriel Jesus added his voice to the Black Lives Matter movement

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People being “exhausted” by the injustice and racism they suffer are growing the support for the Black Lives Matter movement, believes Gabriel Jesus.

To those calling for change following the death of George Floyd in the midst of the protests that swept the United States and beyond, the footballer from Brazil and Manchester City has also added his voice.

“Racism is not a problem that has only started in recent days and it’s not normal, so people feel they’ve had enough and they’ve exploded,” he said to Goal.

“I’m against violence or any kind of violent protest. I like peaceful protests, to say ‘no to racism’ and whenever we say ‘Black Lives Matter’ we should read it carefully and understand its meaning.”

“We’re not saying other lives don’t matter but we’re saying black people’s lives that feel racism matter.”

“I suffered a few times. I managed to get through it” he said.

“This is a very important movement because as I said, there’s a time for people to wake up and police brutality we’ve seen lately aren’t normal and shouldn’t occur.”