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Frosinone in the Serie B promotion play-off final

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Frosinone defeated Pordenone in the first leg, winning 2-1 overall and is now in the Serie B promotion play-off final against Spezia.

The men of Alessandro Nesta had lost 1-0 to the home turf in the first leg, but it took only 15 minutes to completely change the situation when visiting the Friuli Minnows.

Marcus Rodhen sent Andrija Novakovich to beat the goaltender one-on-one after Camillo Ciano opened the score with a left-foot strike.

While Luca Paganini’s header and Luca Strizzolo had been saved at both ends, Pordenone threatened to get back into it with Riccardo Bocalon and Tommaso Pobega.

For the two-legged Serie B promotion play-off Final, Frosinone is going to face Spezia to see who’s going up with Benevento and Crotone.

Pordenone 0-2 Frosinone (1-2 agg)

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