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Frank Lampard: management is tough than playing

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Frank Lampard claims, as compared to playing, management is much more difficult.

“Now it’s all for me and management is tough. Management is difficult,” he told to Evening Standard.

“Recently, there has been a lot of talk and possibilities for ex-players: why some do and some do not, and the facts and reality are much harder than playing because I’m doing it now. Much much harder in terms of being absorbed than playing.”

“You’ve got to fight for your badges, you’ve got to put in a lot of effort, you’ve got to sit through lectures and courses, and then you’ve got to practice, you’ve got to fail, you’ve got to get stronger, you’ve got to fail, you’ve got to connect with strangers, you’ve got to have interactions that you’ve never had as a match.”

“A player’s life is to a degree, a bubble of selfishness. You’re a good teammate, you’re going home, and you’re concerned about yourself, about your contract, about your next move, about whether you want to stay.”

“A manager’s life is 25 players in the team, construction personnel, and issues with numerous departments surrounding you, too far away from football.”

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