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Francesco Totti: I pictured myself at Roma forever

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Former Captain Francesco Totti admitted that at the Olimpico he imagined a future and said that Roma needed someone who understood the environment. ‘I’d rather kill myself than leave’.

The former champion of the Italian International and World Cup talked to Bobo TV and remembered his farewell to the Giallorossi.

“I pictured myself at Roma forever,” he said. “Then they put me up against the wall, forcing me to make a decision I would never have made.”

“I made a choice, I decided to stay in the world of football.”

“I would sit down and talk about it,” he added. “Now, I would like to complete this path, I would not be at peace with myself if it ended, even for the team I set up.”

“I would feel bad leaving my collaborators. Then, if I were to get tired, I would look at what to do.”

“I would have killed myself rather than leaving Roma. I could have brought only good things.”

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