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First Division clubs follow the decision of Barcelona – not forcing the players to play

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At the time of Coronavirus Barcelona didn’t think of its profit or economic parameters but kept its players’ health first and defended its players from returning to the field. 

Despite the pressure, the club makes sure that they will only play if they get consent from the health authorities.

SPORT learned that La Liga understands the concerns of the club and still dislikes the decision made by Barcelona.

If only the players get 100 percent surety that they will not get coronavirus then only Barca will allow them to get back to the field and will not force them to play.

Barca doesn’t go against anyone, just trying to make sure their players get the best. Six other First Division clubs are pursuing their decision, waiting to see what happens. The other clubs will do so, too, if they announce their stance.

Knowing the fact that their stance could lead to a serious economic problem that could see them losing out on TV rights, the club is ahead of not forcing the players.

In the following week, the Catalans are going to look into this issue and take some decisions accordingly. Also in the coming days, the board is likely to make a say on it.