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FIFA World Cup 2022: Complete list of qualified teams

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FIFA World Cup 2022: Complete list of qualified teams. Which teams will compete for gold when Qatar hosts the biggest sports event in the world in November? The 22nd edition of the prestigious international tournament will take place in Qatar in November and will feature 31 additional teams.

The competition’s final qualification date is in June, and all of the teams have previously said they plan to participate. The event this year will mark the debut of a tournament in the Middle East in late November or early December. The event will be held in eight stadiums dispersed among Qatar’s five municipalities of Lusail, Al Khor, Al Rayyan, Al Wakrah, and Doha. On April 1, the World Cup draw was held, determining the full group stage schedule, including times and dates.

The top two teams from each group for the World Cup knockout stage have already been awarded their spots. The winners of the two intercontinental playoffs received the two opening spots in Groups D and E. Australia received the first penalty after defeating Peru on penalties to win the match. In the opposing intercontinental playoff, Costa Rica defeated New Zealand 1-0 to take the 32nd and last spot in Qatar 2022.

How many national teams are in the World Cup?

Prior to the field being expanded to 48 teams for the 2026 World Cup, the 2022 men’s World Cup in Qatar will be the penultimate competition with only 32 teams on the field. In the history of football, since France 1998, 32 teams have competed in FIFA Men’s World Cup.

The competition will include 31 other nations in addition to the host country Qatar which qualified through regional matches. Each region received a number of qualifying spots from FIFA which oversees the World Cup. As is customary, the World Cup final will also take place on a Sunday. On Sunday, December 18, 2022, the winner will raise the golden trophy.

Which national teams were able to qualify for the World Cup?

A total number of 32 countries have qualified for the Qatar World Cup 2022, along with the host nation Qatar. The winners of the intercontinental playoff filled the final two slots on June 13 and June 14. In addition to the host nation, Qatar, there are 13 teams from Europe, four from South America, four from Asia, whereas four are from Africa, five from Europe, four from North America, and Australia, which is also a member of the Asian confederation.

The table below includes the 32-team field for the 2022 World Cup as well as the deadlines and strategies utilized by each nation to qualify.

No.Nation FIFA Ranking for DrawRegionDate qualifiedHow they QualifyWC appsTitles (Last)
1Qatar (51)AsiaDec. 2, 2010Hosts1 of 22
2Germany (12)EuropeOct. 11, 20211st – Grp. J20 of 224 (2014)
3Denmark (11)EuropeOct. 12, 20211st – Grp. F6 of 22
4Brazil (1)S. AmericaNov. 11, 2021Top 422 of 225 (2002)
5France (3)EuropeNov. 13, 20211st – Grp. D16 of 222 (2018)
6Belgium (2)EuropeNov. 13, 20211st – Grp. E14 of 22
7Croatia (16)EuropeNov. 14, 20211st – Grp. H6 of 22
8Spain (7)EuropeNov. 14, 20211st – Grp. B16 of 221 (2010)
9Serbia (25)EuropeNov. 14, 20211st – Grp. A4 of 22
10England (5)EuropeNov. 15, 20211st – Grp. I16 of 221 (1966)
11Switzerland (14)EuropeNov. 15, 20211st – Grp. C12 of 22
12Netherlands (10)EuropeNov. 16, 20211st – Grp. G11 of 22
13Argentina (4)S AmericaNov. 16, 2021Top 418 of 222 (1986)
14Iran (21)AsiaJan. 27, 2022Top 2 – Grp. A6 of 22
15South Korea (29)AsiaFeb. 1, 2022Top 2 – Grp. A11 of 22
16Japan (23)AsiaMar. 24, 2022Top 2 – Grp. B7 of 22
17Saudi Arabia (49)AsiaMar. 24, 2022Top 2 – Grp. B6 of 22
18Ecuador (46)S. AmericaMar. 24 2022Top 44 of 22
19Uruguay (13)S. AmericaMar. 24, 2022Top 414 of 222 (1950)
20Canada (38)N. AmericaMar. 27, 2022Top 32 of 22
21Ghana (60)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff4 of 22
22Senegal (20)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff3 of 22
23Portugal (8)EuropeMar. 29, 2022Playoff8 of 22
24Poland (26)EuropeMar. 29, 2022Playoff9 of 22
25Tunisia (35)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff6 of 22
26Morocco (24)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff6 of 22
27Cameroon (37)AfricaMar. 29, 2022Playoff8 of 22
28USA (15)N. AmericaMar. 30, 2022Top 311 of 22
29Mexico (9)N. AmericaMar. 30, 2022Top 317 of 22
30Wales (18)Europe5-Jun-22Playoff2 of 22
31Australia (42)Asia13-Jun-22Intercont’l6 of 22
32Costa Rica (31)N. America14-Jun-22Intercont’l6 of 22

Here’s the list of qualifiers for FIFA World Cup 2022 – Qatar

  • Federation: AFC
  • Qualified as: Hosts
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group J winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group F winners
  • Federation: CONMEBOL
  • Qualified as: CONMEBOL winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group D winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group E winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group H winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group B winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group A winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group I winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group C winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: Group G winners
  • Federation: CONMEBOL
  • Qualified as: CONMEBOL runners up
  • Federation: AFC
  • Qualified as: Third round group A winners
South Korea
  • Federation: AFC
  • Qualified as: Third round group A runners up
  • Federation: AFC
  • Qualified as: Third round group B runners up
Saudi Arabia
  • Federation: AFC
  • Qualified as: Third round group B winners
  • Federation: CONMEBOL
  • Qualified as: CONMEBOL fourth
  • Federation: CONMEBOL
  • Qualified as: CONMEBOL third
  • Federation: CONCACAF
  • Qualified as: CONCACAF first
  • Federation: CAF
  • Qualified as: CAF Third Round winner
  • Federation: CAF
  • Qualified as: CAF Third Round Winner
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: UEFA Second Round winner
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: UEFA Second Round winner
  • Federation: CAF
  • Qualified as: CAF Third Round Winner
  • Federation: CAF
  • Qualified as: CAF Third Round Winner
  • Federation: CAF
  • Qualified as: CAF Third Round Winner
  • Federation: CONCACAF
  • Qualified as: CONCACAF second place
United States
  • Federation: CONCACAF
  • Qualified as: CONCACAF third
  • Federation: AFC
  • Qualified as: AFC-CONMEBOL intercontinental play-off winners
  • Federation: UEFA
  • Qualified as: UEFA Second Round winner
Costa Rica
  • Federation: CONCACAF
  • Qualified as: CONCACAF-OFC intercontinental play-offs

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