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FIFA regrets Brazil vs Argentina World Cup qualifiers suspension

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World Cup qualifier clash between Brazil and Argentina was suspended after Brazil health authorities invaded the pitch to oust four Argentine players who infringed COVID-19 rules. FIFA says it has “regrets” because of the World Cup qualifiers suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina that prevented “millions of fans” from enjoying the game.

Sunday’s football match was abandoned right after the launch, following Brazilian health officials opposed the participation of four Argentine players, saying they violated quarantine rules. FIFA said it had received the first report from match officials, which would now be reviewed by “competent disciplinary bodies”.

“FIFA regrets the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina for the CONMEBOL Qualifier for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which prevented millions of fans from enjoying the match between the two most important football nations in the world,” the football government, said in a statement. “The first official report of the match has been sent to FIFA. This information will be analyzed by the competent disciplinary bodies and a decision will be taken at an appropriate time.” 

On Monday, Brazil’s federal police said they had launched a formal investigation into the actions of Argentine players accused of violating the country’s quarantine rules. Brazil’s quarantine rules stipulate that visitors who were in the UK within 14 days of entering the country must be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival.

“We can confirm that an investigation into the possible offense of misinformation has been launched,” a spokesperson said. “Yesterday, the players were told that they would have to leave the country, which is the normal procedure, and statements were taken from them.”

In a video address at the general meeting of the Association of European Clubs, FIFA President Gianni Infantino called on Europe to show flexibility in its thinking to help South America solve its qualifying backlog. This comes after the British government ignored Infantino’s request for a quarantine exemption to footballers so that they could fulfill their international commitments. He said, “It is a difficult situation for us in the UK. Players have to come back to play for their countries.”

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