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Ferdinand: Keane should play with Stones in the national team 

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand picking who should play in the centre of England’s defense has compared Man Utd’s Harry Maguire to Everton defender Michael Keane.

“That kind of shape is Michael Keane. There isn’t a single person in the country that watches EPL matches every week and says Maguire is more stable than Keane. That’s impossible,” he said on the FIVE YouTube channel.

“Keane has been consistent for Everton in the centre of defense, so I’d say Keane and John Stones should play. Who else might be there to pick?”

“Stones has got his shape, he’s back in, he’s more experienced than the others. So right now it should be a question of who will play with Stones.”

“And here, it looks like Maguire’s not in too good shape. And next in line is Michael Keane. If you need to close that slot, you’re not going to pick Maguire now.”

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