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FC Kaiserslautern decided to start from scratch

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Kicker reports Kaiserslautern will be declared as a bankrupt very soon.

The club, now playing in the third division of the German championship, owe about 15 million euros to the three main creditors and could not agree to them. The total debt of the “devils” is 20 million euros. 

There was an opportunity to postpone payments for a year, but, due to the deplorable state of the club’s finances, which was even more shaken in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, the Kaiserslautern decided not to suffer another 12 months, but to start from scratch.

The club, became the champion of Germany 4 times (1951, 1953, 1991 and 1998), won the German Cup 2 times (1990 and 1996), and 1 time – the German Super Cup (1991). Kaiserslautern celebrated the 120th anniversary on June 2.

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