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FC Goa made records in AFC Champions League 2021

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FC Goa may have been out of the group stage in their AFC Champions League (ACL) 2021 debut season, but they have made a strong impression in their first season. Many of the continent teams were included in the Goa group, so being at number three in the group tells a lot. Gaurs have made several records along with this performance. We have listed records FC Goa made in AFC Champions League this season.

Indian Super League (ISL) club FC Goa topped the points table in the 2019-20 season and became the first Indian club to qualify in the AFC Champions League.

Captain Edu Bedia scored a brilliant header on the pass of Brandon Fernandes against Persepolis, then this moment became memorable for every Indian football fan. The Spaniard gave Gaurs an edge in the match with this goal and with this, the first goal in an ACL by an Indian club.

The most positive thing about the FC Goa campaign was the superb goalkeeping by Dheeraj Singh. This young goalkeeper maintained a clean sheet and made history against Al Rayyan in the first match of the campaign.

Dheeraj holds another record in the ACL, that is the goalkeeper with the most saves (20) in the group stage of ACL 2021. Crossing Dheeraj in the middle of the goal post seemed almost impossible and now he has proved himself to be Permanent No.1 of FC Goa.

Three draws and six bouts meant that it was ranked third in the Goa group above Al Rayyan. The Gaurs also had a chance to score a historic three points and were initially leading the Qatar club, but the game was drawn in the final moments.

In the final match of the group stage against Al Wahda, all the Indian players in the FC Goa team came on the field and they were led by Assistant Coach Clifford Miranda. Although the team lost 2–0 in this match, it was a moment when the domestic players had a chance to prove themselves on such a big stage.

Brandon Fernandes made history with assisting Edu Bedia in goal against Persepolis. He then doubled his tally after assisting George Ortiz against Al Rayyan. With this, he has become the only Indian player to score goals in the ACL.

Clifford Miranda took charge of the team in the group stage final. With this, he became the first Indian coach to lead a team in the AFC Champions League.

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