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Favre is looking a replacement for Haaland

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Lucien Favre was impressed by Erling Haaland’s perspective towards matches and training but his coach wants him to understand the necessity of occasional rest.

Favre is well aware of the probable chances of overburdening Haaland, even though the teenager is not, and he accepted that another player would have to be brought in for the following season to stop the burnout of the retired Salzburg hero.

“I think everybody knows,” Favre told reporters Monday when asked if he wanted another center-forward as next term backup. 

“I think that’s too clear because he’s just 19 years old.”

“It’s normal that when you have an English week, he is sometimes exhausted because he can’t do everything on his own.”

“We have noticed he is still growing, too. Recently he’s been injured two to three times since he came to us. So, we will dose what he does, or it may be risky.”

“He’s got to realize this, because it’s not possible to play three games in a week, sometimes.”

“I like his mentality, he always wants to be there and always win, but he has to make progress too, of course, he’s only 19 and has so much potential.”