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Fans can attend Las Palmas match on June 13

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Since the coronavirus pandemic began, June 13 match versus Girona may be the first fans watched in Europe says the president of the Spanish Segunda Division team Las Palmas.

At Estadio Gran Canaria it will be secure for fans to see games due to the low risk of infection on the Canary Islands for Covid-19, claims Miguel Angel Ramirez.

Ramirez believes such ease would permit supporters to attend the first match of the resumed 2019-20 Segunda Division season at Las Palmas with social distance measures.

“Supporters from Las Palmas should be able to visit the stadium to support their squad versus Girona as of June 13,” he told the official radio station of the club.

“The Canary Islands are a safe place. Gran Canaria is a safe destination, so we can become the first stadium in the major leagues to compete with fans in the stands again.”

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