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Fans asked to not rush outside the stadium when the Season starts

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Fans from Borussia Dortmund were asked to not rush outside the stadium as Bundesliga is resuming from Saturday with rivals Schalke.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Bundesliga had been postponed since March 13.

Given the importance and history of the fixture, the fans/supporters were asked by the mayor of the city Ullrich Sierau to resist the desire to rush to the stadium and prevent actions that can spread the virus.

“Football supporters ought to secure themselves and everybody else, and not gather in crowds to see the derby. They’re not required to go to the stadium and shouldn’t.”

“There is still a prohibition on contact in the city center. In these days, the unity of football supporters with each other and the squad will be expressed by upholding the rules, being careful and not leaving the field to the virus, or they or others might never again be willing to see a derby,”  said Sierau In calling for fans to remain at home.

“There shouldn’t be a goal celebration because we usually do it in the restaurant and outside. You should maintain distance-even though it’s uncomfortable.”

“We will, therefore, prefer to stay at home in a small family environment and look forward to an exciting derby!”

Further added by Police president Gregor Lange: “Football supporters have the chance to show on Saturday that the decision to restart the game was not a mistake.”