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European Super League: Football officials spoke out

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The European Super League has claimed that it will increase revenue for Europe’s top football clubs and allow them to distribute more funding for the rest of the game. However, the sport’s governing body, football officials, other teams, and fan organizations have said that the Super League will increase the power and wealth of elite clubs and that the partially closed structure opposes the long-standing model of European football.

Players, fans, experts, and politicians celebrated the return of English teams on Tuesday, who left the league in a hurry and prompted other founding members to jump ship. “This is a true result for football fans, clubs, and communities across the country. We must continue to protect our cherished national game.”

The president of the English Football Association, Prince William of Great Britain, who criticized the planned separation, said in a signed tweet: “I am delighted that the united voice of football fans is heard and heard.”

The founding members were Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in England, AC Milan, Inter and Juventus in Italy and Atlético Madrid in Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Barcelona has not commented on the Super League until late Wednesday.

Two sources told Reuters that clubs withdrawing from the Super League may face separate fees for withdrawal. FIGC head Gabrielle Gravina said that Inter Milan, Juventus and AC Milan would not be punished by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) for joining the Super League.

Liverpool’s main owner John Henry apologized in a video on the club’s website and social media on Wednesday. “It goes without saying, but it has to be said that the proposed project will never be abandoned without the support of fans,” he said.

“I alone am responsible for the unnecessary negativity presented in the last two days. This is something I will not forget. And it shows the power that fans have today and they will rightly continue. “

Manchester United co-chairman Joel Glazer apologized in an open letter to supporters for not showing respect for the “deep-rooted traditions” of English sport. “We believe that European football should be more durable in the pyramid in the long run. However, we fully accept that Superliga was not the right way to do it,” Glazer wrote.

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