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European Premiere League had the highest number of Injuries

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In the European football Premiere league, the players suffered more injuries in the last season. Reports suggest the number is 1231 injuries in total. These numbers are disturbing compared to previous game seasons. Data also shows that the injuries have increased to 20%. The English club has to go through a loss of half a billion pounds after the injured players.

After Spain is on second with £109 million, the Premiere League has seen the highest injury cost compared to all top five divisions which stand at £185 million. In Europe, PSG the French Champs has the highest injury costs at £34 million.

Players aged under 21 were especially affected. The number of injuries has increased in the last four years, in the year 2018-19 the number of injured players was 30 and now it has risen to 326 in the year 2021-22. Due to the impact of the pandemic in the last two seasons, we have lost our senior players, so we were forced to give opportunities to young players.

As we know that the World Cup is going to be held in Qatar this year-end, starting from November 20 to December 18. The six-week schedule is going to minimize the winter break for the players.

The highest number of absences recorded at Real Madrid was 114, while Bayern Munich and Chelsea both suffered 97 injuries. The report also suggests the governing body of FIFA will set up rules, with an expansion of the team to 48 from the year 2026.

It is difficult for the clubs to manage the players they are short of and this results in turning the game upside down. Burrows said, “This disruption is the first time ever we have seen in a game season.”

Winter break is usually the time when injuries could prevail. However, the World Cup 2022 is hosted in November and December this year. This in turn has increased the chances of injuries to the players. Burrows also added, “Players who are not participating in their national league teams may face a long break mid-season which could avoid the injuries within game tournaments.”

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