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EPL agreed to next season winter break for 2022 World Cup

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The Premier League EPL has agreed to a winter break next season to avoid clashes with the Qatar World Cup in 2022. Beginning on November 21 and concluding on December 18 the football tournament is the first of its kind to be held in the winter.

One major concern is how the domestic football calendar will be affected across Europe, among the many controversies surrounding the World Cup. According to Sky Sports football news, we now have some clarity on the situation in England.

After the weekend of November 12th, the 2022/23 Premier League season is expected to end. This will give players just over a week to prepare with their national teams before the World Cup begins. The campaign will then resume on Boxing Day. This means that any players who make it to the final will have only eight days before they must play again.

On Wednesday a decision was made during a meeting of executives from all 20 Premier League clubs. In a post-match interview, Aston Villa chairman Christian Purslow slammed the decision to hold the World Cup halfway through the club season. “Next season when we play in an equally crazy idea, which is a winter World Cup, we won’t see any Premier League football at the peak of our season between November and December, which is something that people are going to have to get used to.”

“These are decisions that get taken a long time ago. They bite, quite soon. Next season we’ll all see that. I always have concerns about player welfare but I have more concerns for our fans missing Premier League football in the winter for five weeks, which is our great national tradition and our great national heritage.”

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