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Ekstraklasa invite fans back to stadiums from June 19

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At a maximum limit of 25 percent, the Ekstraklasa would invite fans back to games stadiums from June 19 announced Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s Prime Minister.

The highest Polish game is scheduled to go back this weekend. On Friday Morawiecki confirmed at a press conference that next month’s supporters would be able to return in a restricted capacity.

“We all like sports and football. This is the main aspect of our return to modern normality. That’s why we give football fans the opportunity to take part in the events at the stadiums, naturally only after adequate safety measures have been secured. Shortly there will be declared with clear laws.” Morawiecki said.

Depending on the area of the stadiums, the number of fans allowed in stadiums can differ, but a maximum of 25 percent would be imposed.

“We are very happy that a lot of people’s hard work in past weeks was appreciated and we can restart the league today. All participants have been checked for Covid-19 and their results were negative,” said Marcin Animucki, chairman of Ekstraklasa.

“We are ready for the return. The fans that will be going to the stadiums should be safe. This is going to be an excellent time to promote Polish football in Europe.”

“All we need now is live matches from the stadiums,” Animucki told the AP earlier this month. “We are ready to offer TV broadcasters two matches per weekend in other international territories.”