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Edinson Cavani signed one-year contract extension with Manchester United

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Edinson Cavani will remain at Manchester United next season, after being fit Uruguayan signed a one-year contract extension on Monday. Edinson Cavani has signed a new one-year contract with Manchester United, putting an end to speculation about his future club confirmed. Last October, Cavani joined United as a free agent on transfer deadline day. The in-form striker only has a month left on his deal with the Red Devils, but he will stay at Old Trafford.

The 34-year-old Uruguayan scored 15 goals in his first season in England, including eight in his final seven matches, to finish second in the finals of the United Premier League and Europa League. “Throughout the season we have developed a great affection for the club and all that it represents,” Cavani said in a statement from United. “I was touched by how much the fans wanted me and I would give everything I could. His joy and happiness from my performance on the field. I was not yet able to play in front of the crowd at Old Trafford, and this is something I can’t wait to do. “

Despite reports of the striker returning to South America, United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer repeatedly stressed Cavani’s desire to stay at Old Trafford. “I said that when Edison signed that he would bring energy, power and leadership to this group and I was not proved wrong, it was everything I thought he would be even more,” said Solskjaer.

“As a coach, I was aware of his record of goals. Although his personality owes a lot to this team, he has a winning mindset and a disproportionate attitude towards everything he does.”

United are in action twice in the next three days at home in Leicester and Liverpool in the Premier League. Losing in a game or two draws would end the Red Devils’ slim prospect of holding Manchester City to the top of the table for the first league title in eight years. City has 10 points of clarity but played one more game than their local rivals.

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