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Dybala: I am excited about the full fixture list but still not 100% ready

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After a long battle with Coronavirus Juventus star Paulo Dybala is yet ‘not quite 100 percent,’ but he’s excited about the full fixture list.

Over a period of 46 days the Argentina international had several positive swabs before getting fully recovered from COVID-19, while teammates Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi managed to recover much faster.

Dybala said during the Gamers Without Borders Instagram Live transmission, as he beat Dele Alli, “I had Coronavirus, but I feel much better now.”

“I am still not quite at 100 percent, but I’m pretty good. We’re back to training now and football is coming back, so soon we’ll be able to do what we love the most.”

After three months without Calcio, the Coppa Italia opens the doors first with Juventus-Milan on June 12, followed by Serie A from June 20.

With at least one fixture coming from Italy nearly every day, it’ll be a steady series of matches, until the beginning of August.

“I hope we can enjoy ourselves and entertain people too,” continued La Joya.

“It’ll be wonderful that fans will get the chance to see a different game every single day.”

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