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Drone and screen installed at Roma training ground

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AS Roma has introduced modern technology into the training process. AS Roma training ground will now have some intriguing new elements like drones and massive screens. Such innovation helps the specialist react quickly and work on mistakes with the players. 

The newly appointed head coach Jose Mourinho has proposed this interesting initiative. This will allow the Portuguese manager to show players their errors in real-time. The Special One is staying current with technology and incorporating new techniques into his preparations.

According to the official Roma Twitter account, Mourinho has requested a personalized Roma drone to hover above the Roma training ground and film his players. This gives his staff a clear view of their shape and movements on the field.

As per Football Italia reports, Jose Mourinho uses drones and a big screen during training sessions. It’s not a novel strategy; Maurizio Sarri used it at Napoli several years ago. The difference under Mourinho is that he also had a massive screen installed on the wall of the Trigoria training complex. That way, he can pause training, pull everyone back, and allow the players to watch their mistakes as soon as they commit them. In demonstrating his tactics to the team it’s an excellent use of technology to assist him.

In May, Jose Mourinho left his managerial position at Tottenham Hotspur and took charge of the Italian team AS Roma. He replaced Paulo Fonseca signing a contract for three years. Last season under Fonseca Roma finished seventh in Serie A. Since Mourinho has been in charge as a coach, Roma won both the friendlies but they haven’t played any competitive match yet. 

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