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Djaziri: Benzema desires to return to Lyon

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Karim Benzema, Real Madrid star keeps a firm passion to go back to Lyon, as per, former player agent Karim Djaziri, but the officials claim that to be reunited with the 32-year-old OL would have to wait sometime.

“He’s reached the peak of what every footballer wants with the situation he is in at Real Madrid today,” Djaziri said in an interview with OLTV.

“Playing in Madrid, being really loyal to his mentor and adored by the crowd … It’s not possible he’ll be back today for a comeback.”

“But Karim has only had one desire since he left Lyon and that is to return to Lyon. Will it be like a player?”

“He would say to me when things went wrong with Mourinho, ‘I want to go back to Lyon.’ But I told him, ‘No, you’ll stick it out and you’ll make it.’ And he did.” added Djaziri.

“It’s in the back of his mind and I think it is possible to [return to Lyon]. He will come back if he has the legs and he thinks it’s time to go and do something good. If he doesn’t come back as a player, I see him perhaps returning to Lyon in a different role. I know he really does want it.”

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