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HomeEPL (English Premier League)‘Digital health passport’ would allow fans to enter the stadium

‘Digital health passport’ would allow fans to enter the stadium

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Sky Sports reports that Prenetics has developed a ‘digital health passport’ that ties history testing to a cell phone for a person.

Fans could enter venues by scanning a QR Code on their device if they have received a recent negative test.

The Premier League is confident enough that such a scheme would allow socially dissociated audiences to watch next season’s games.

However, how often spectators will need to be screened-and how close to a game-would rely on recommendations from the authorities.

Avi Lasarow, Prenetics’ chief executive, told Sky Sports News: “Currently, health passports are being used with the Premier League and the ECB to link the biometrics of an individual to a COVID test result – enabling players and support staff to access various areas.”

“It’s certainly going to be a way forward where fans will attach their own test results to a health passport to allow them entry to a stadium.”

“The test outcome of a passenger may be connected to their biometrics, which links to the ticket they purchase which in effect links to the access control. When purchasing a flight, airlines are looking at a similar system.”

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