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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Dele Alli was “thumped in the face” during the robbery

Dele Alli was “thumped in the face” during the robbery

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Tottenham player Dele Alli, praised his fans for their support after the disclosed news about the robbery at his home and him getting a minor injury.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, the robbery happened with police reporting Alli got a “minor facial fracture after being attacked” by two males.

As the police will continue hunting for the criminals, Alli did not seek hospitalization.

He stated that he was doing well, though he called the experience “horrible.” in a post on Twitter.

The 24-year-old said “Thank you for all the messages. Horrible day, but now we’re all right. Appreciate the support.”

according to a report in the Daily Mail,  Alli was “thumped in the face” during the robbery as the Spurs star got into a scuffle with the two culprits. 

Alli was isolating himself in his house due to the coronavirus lockout, he was sharing it with his brother and two partners, along with another friend.