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De Bruyne confused with latest handball rule

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Manchester City once again got foul from VAR against Tottenham, and by the latest understanding of the handball rule, Kevin De Bruyne said he was confused.

“Honestly, I don’t know the rules anymore,” De Bruyne told Sky Sports.

“I thought it’s not handball anymore if it’s above the arm here [above the bottom of the sleeve]. Everybody knows it’s hitting him here. I don’t know the rules.”

“If you listen to them on every channel tomorrow or the day after, the referee will say it’s a fair decision, because it just doesn’t matter.”

“I’ve been playing professional football for 12 years and there have been no changes to the rules in the first nine years. There are a number of changes to the rules now.”

“I have no idea why. Football is a nice game. It is important for the people making the rule changes to be in the game.”

Rupal Purohit
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