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De Boer on the draw of the Netherlands

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In the League of Nations match, Bosnia and Herzegovina ended in a draw(0:0), further the head coach of the Netherlands national team Frank de Boer expressed his views.

“It’s hard to open the defense when the opponent defends so compactly. But, I think, on the right flank in the first half we played well, it was from there that we most often created opportunities,” said de Boer to official UEFA website.

“We had a couple of good approaches before the break, but it didn’t come to truly scoring chances. From the positive, it can be noted that we rarely lost the ball, but we had to create more sharpness.”

“After such a match, I must ask questions to myself too, because all the responsibility is on me. But, I think, everyone should look at themselves in the mirror – we created five 100% chances and didn’t realize even a single one of them.”

“Also, let’s not forget that Bosnia played 1:1 away with Italy, so this is a tough team. Frankly, if we wanted to beat them away, we needed to be in optimal shape, but today we were not in it.”

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