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David Silva’s father believes Lazio is a great move

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In the face of rumors connecting with Lazio, the father of David Silva reported that the midfielder of Manchester City is open to a transfer to Italy.

On Friday the 34-year-old is suspected to play his last round-of-16 game at the Etihad as the side host of Pep Guardiola’s Real Madrid in the second leg of their champions league match.

With positive signs beginning to emerge in a tough negotiating round, Lazio is increasingly confident of reaching an agreement to sign Silva, according to Sky in Italy.

Lazio is an ideal destination, thinks the player’s father, Fernando Silva who has revealed that his son has also rejected a one-year contract extension offer at City.

“David has been telling me for a few years that he wanted to stay for a minimum of 10 years in Manchester City and then end the cycle there,” he told El Transistor, a Spanish radio program.”

“I asked him one day, ‘if you’re given a one-year extension, then don’t you consider it?’ and he answered me,’ then you’re doing it!’”

“One day he tells me one thing and the next he asks me another, I would prefer him to live in Europe professionally so I can’t rule out anything before the transfer window closes.”

“I can confirm he loves the Italian league and would really like to play in Italy. He told me he was permitted to play there before he was 40 years old.”

“There are several options at the moment and he has to determine, but if he signed for Lazio, I would love it, because even though Rome is very far away, that will be a big chance for him.”

“I know he’s unlikely to return to Spain as he still asks me to rule out the possibility of a move to Valencia.”

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