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David Luiz extends his contract for a year

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Arsenal confirmed that at the Emirates Stadium the Brazilian center-back will stay for another 12 months, on Wednesday morning.

The news comes on the back of some questionable Luiz displays, especially in the 3-0 loss to Manchester City last week when faulting for two goals before being sent off.

Playing under Arsene Wenger, Petit won the Premier League and FA Cup at Arsenal. He feels the decision reflects the direction his former club is heading.

“For about three years, David Luiz hasn’t been a good footballer, but I’m not surprised that he was awarded a new contract at Arsenal because I was very disappointed with the activity of the club on the transfer market,” he told Paddy Power.

“I was particularly upset about the defenders. We all know that one of the major weaknesses of Arsenal is their defense and nothing has changed.”

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