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Danny Rose: “I’m dying to get back to football”

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During the Coronavirus pandemic, the players are being treated as “lab rats” in the Premier League, said Danny Rose.

Presented by the retired Scottish forward Kris Boyd and West Ham midfielder Robert Snodgrass presented the Lockdown Tactics podcast in which England international Rose said this metaphor

Rose said, “I’m dying to get back to football.”

“Obviously, I know people are going through this coronavirus pandemic much worse than me, so I don’t want to be complaining about anything here.”

“So even from the idea that people are saying that we will go back to the sport, it’s literally like we’re guinea pigs or lab rats, so we should go back to this process to see whether it succeeds or not.”

“At home, I can only see people thinking they [footballers] receive this sum of money so they should go back.”

“And with stuff like this that I really say ‘this isn’t worth the hassle’, I might actually endanger my safety with the amusement of people, so it’s really not something I want to engage in, frankly speaking.”