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Dani Alves miss Lionel Messi at Barcelona 

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Barcelona defender Dani Alves, who re-joined the football club last week, has commented on the departure of Lionel Messi. Back in August the Argentine signed for Paris Saint-Germain after he failed to sign a new contract with the Blaugrana. 

When asked whether Messi regrets his move to PSG, the Brazilian answered: “Should I really say something? If you give me a couple of hours, I will go find him to ask myself. For me, this guy is the best football player of all I’ve ever seen. You just can’t help missing a player like this, especially when you’re on good terms.”

“It would be incredible to come back to Barça and see Leo here but, unfortunately, it’s impossible. We, as a club, have entered a completely new era now”, he added, AS reports.

Alves continued, “For me, the kid [Messi] is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. You always miss the greats, especially when you have a good relationship. It would be incredible to come back to see him here, but unfortunately, it could not be like that. I love him and his family very much, but now we are in a new process. I would encourage everyone to return if they could because this is the best place. But the story is different now and we have to think about the process.”

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