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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Cristiano Ronaldo violated coronavirus protocols, claims Spadafora

Cristiano Ronaldo violated coronavirus protocols, claims Spadafora

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Italy’s sports minister, Vincenzo Spadafora, reported Rai that he thought Cristiano Ronaldo had infringed coronavirus orders in Italy.

Ronaldo appeared in two games for Portugal in the previous week before he tested positive for coronavirus but later he missed the game against Sweden. 

According to Italian media, ahead of traveling to Portugal for a representative gathering, Ronaldo voluntarily came out of isolation at a Juventus hotel.

“Yes, if that is true, Ronaldo violated the protocol. He was not allowed to travel to Portugal without the special permission of the competent institutions,” Spadafora said. “The Italian stadiums will remain empty for some time to come, and the eventual opening of the stands will be decided when the epidemiological situation is more favorable”, the minister added.

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