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CR7 wants to knock down Pele

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Cristiano Ronaldo has just another real obsession as he wants to remove Pele from the list of top scorers in football history, claims Gary Neville.

Ronald missing 24 more goals, with the Portuguese playing 838 games, the legendary Brazilian has scored 650 goals in 694 official games and is at the top of the eternal list.

Neville said in an interview with Sky Sports, “It’s his obsession, a real obsession. To score as many goals as possible, to train every day, and to keep fit. The older he is, the bigger the professional. I have no doubt that Cristiano wants to play by the age of 40 and that his plan is to knock Pele’s record by the number of goals.”

“He wants to be the greatest of all time and that’s his mission. That’s why his clubs must be destined for success and must win trophies,” added former Ronald teammate from Manchester United.

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