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Coronavirus fear returns to English Premier League

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Coronavirus has once again hit the English Premier League. The football match between Manchester United and Brentford has been shelved due to Covid-19. This is the second match in three days that had to be postponed due to the global pandemic. Significantly, 3805 players and club staff members were tested in a week. In this 42 people were found infected with the COVID-19, the count is recorded 12 more than last week.

Manchester United beat Norwich 1-0 (match score) on Saturday after some of the club’s players and staff were found infected. The English Premier League board accepted a suggestion by Manchester United to postpone Tuesday’s match and put it on hold because of coronavirus.

Earlier, due to rising cases of coronavirus epidemic, Tottenham Hotspur’s match had to be postponed last Sunday. Then eight players of the club and five staff members were found infected. Due to a covid outbreak in the London team, their match against Rennes was also canceled. Apart from this, many positive cases of COVID-19 have also been reported in Norwich City and Aston Villa Football Club.

At present, the Omicron variant of coronavirus is increasing rapidly in the UK, due to which restrictions are being imposed again there. The government there is now appealing to everyone to put masks, follow social distance, and get booster vaccines.

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