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Copa del Rey to be played only after the spectators are allowed in the stadium

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The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is analyzing the notion of conducting the delayed Christmas Copa del Rey final by making it the first game of spectators in attendance since the coronavirus pandemic, reports Marca.

There are so numerous challenges to settle, but the RFEF feels that might be the perfect prize for all team members.

Nevertheless, Many suggest that their return may occur before the end of the calendar year, or perhaps in 2021 as there is discouragement over the return of fans to games that are still being played behind closed doors.

Real Sociedad and Athletic Club have reached an agreement where the final will only be played when fans will be able to observe it.

The RFEF agrees that the Christmas season will be accurate for the match to be held and would also do their promising to guarantee that it is the first game with fans. The RFEF is conferring with the National Sports Council (CSD) on this issue and they are optimistic that the restoration of the fans will be another substantial action towards returning to normality.

The RFEF needs it to be held at least a week before the 2021 edition begins as UEFA has already approved to delay the final indefinitely.

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