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Conte makes himself responsible if anything goes wrong at Inter

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‘Attack me, and not those players or the club,’ Antonio Conte screamed at the media and Inter critics, after a 6-0 win over Brescia.

With a powerful showing, at San Siro, the Nerazzurri gave Brescia short shrift.

“We did well to win, but I also liked the attitude of a team that never stopped attacking, our foot was always on the accelerator,” Conte told DAZN.

“We scored six goals and did not concede any, so that ought to be a reason for satisfaction. There are always positives watching Inter, but some only want to see the glass half-empty and not half-full. They want to create problems, but I don’t mind that. Attack me and not the club or these players, though.”

“We’re working hard, we made the most of the lockdown to try something different on a tactical level and I’ve liked the team recently because I saw ideas and situations that we’ve been practicing. The result doesn’t always match the performance, but that doesn’t mean everything is negative.”

For the second time in Serie A, Alexis Sanchez and Lautaro Martinez just started together after a 3-1 victory over Sampdoria and Christian Eriksen and Romelu Lukaku were rested.

“We signed Alexis Sanchez to bring quality to the side,” continued Conte. “He’s not the player I appreciated in England, but he’s on the right path. He came on against Parma with the right attitude and I saw him work very hard today.”

“I’m happy with Victor Moses, as he worked with me at Chelsea, and if he’s in good shape physically, he can become a protagonist.”

“This is a squad that cannot be reproached in terms of heart, generosity, and sacrifice, but they need to be more concentrated, make fewer errors, and be less naïve, as at times those incidents make us drop points, which in turn can be devastating psychologically.”

“It’s a young squad overall and needs to grow in that sense.”

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