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Conceição: Ronaldo is undoubtedly world’s best player, We have to be reliable, compact, and tight

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Sergio Conceição, Porto head coach has spoken out ahead of the first leg of the Champions League 1/8 final against Juventus.

“After the draw, I heard talk of Juventus not performing at their best. The situation is different now, despite their defeat to Napoli. They have conceded twice in their last eight matches and looked confident and stable. This club has a peculiar mentality. They won 3-0 in Barcelona!” Conceição said to UEFA official website.

“Cristiano can decide the outcome of the game at any moment, and he’s fantastic offensively. He’s undoubtedly the best player in the world. We have to be reliable, compact, and tight. We have to realize the space upfront that Cristiano, Morata, Kulusevski, and the other Juventus players want and take it away from them.”

“We will give Juventus problems because Porto also has a special DNA. No matter who we play against, we have a winning mentality. You have to understand that our approach has to change from match to match, but we have to fight for maximum results.” 

Porto will host Juventus tomorrow, February 17.

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