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Comments on Lionel Messi’s exit from Barcelona

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Lionel Messi and Barcelona fans got bewildered learning that their superstar will no longer wear red and blue Barca jersey. It was shocking football news for everyone in the football world. We have noted down few comments on Lionel Messi’s exit.

Former Spain and Barcelona defender Carles Puyol bids farewell to Messi reacting to his departure. “A tough day but Visca el Barca”, – he wrote via Instagram posting a picture with the Argentine. “Thank you for everything, Leo. We can never thank you for everything you’ve given us. I wish you all the best,” he added.

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The World Cup 1978 champion Mario Kempes made his comments on Messi’s exit. “La Liga won’t have another Cristiano Ronaldo. They won’t have Messi either. Players like Mbappe may come and go but these two beasts we were watching for 10 or 12 years are one of a kind.”

“Mbappe doesn’t have that kind of power. Spanish football today is Messi. And now it’s over”, – said the Argentine, Mundo Depotivo reports.

Former Inter President Massimo Moratti admits that he would have ‘done everything’ to bring Lionel Messi to San Siro, but admits that ‘times have changed.’ Moratti famously tried to sign Messi when he was still a very young player, but his love for Barcelona compelled him to stay.

“In my day, if the opportunity to get Messi had arisen, I would’ve done everything to bring him to Inter. However, times have changed.” Moratti told Radio Kiss Kiss.

Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez would like to see Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo play together at Juventus. “It would be a fantastic opportunity for Serie A and a dream come true for many fans. It would be nice if Messi went to Juventus and played with Cristiano Ronaldo,” James said on his Twitch channel, according to TMW.

“It would be a blast for Serie A, a dream come true for many fans. But, I don’t know, he seems set for Paris Saint-Germain. It would be useless to play in the Champions League [if they played together], they would win it. No, I’m joking, football has changed a lot,” Rodriguez said.

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