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Coman: I’m 100 percent head-on Bayern, but I love PSG

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In the Champions League final on Sunday, Bayern defeated PSG 1-0 to reach the sixth title of the best European team.

Joshua Kimmich scored from the right, no one paid attention to Coman and the Frenchman hit the opposite corner with his head. In the 59th minute the only goal of the match was scored by Kingsley Coman. While he is only 24 it was a goal for his 20th trophy in his career.

But even though this was only his first title in the Champions League, Coman also looked back at the Parisians.

“Of course I’m overjoyed, it was an amazing feeling. But I have to say I feel terribly sorry for PSG because they were fantastic. I’m 100 percent head-on Bayern, but I love PSG,” said Coman.

The Bayern hero was born in Paris and until he was sold to Juventus he played for PSG after arriving at the club at the age of eight.

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