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Claudio Ranieri disappointed with Sampdoria

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Sampdoria lost to Juventus 3-0 and Claudio Ranieri was very dissatisfied with his side.

“I’m really disappointed as I didn’t expect my team to produce such a poor result,” Ranieri was quoted by Football Italia.

“We can fail, but we must fight! I see that the Juventus players are hungry, struggling for any ball and we don’t. We’re never going to win like that!”

“Frankly the 3-0 outcome was weak, and we should have conceded even more. We were timid, frightened, and weak. Why this happened, I don’t know.”

“I knew Juve was trying to go between the lines, so I set the squad up as last season, with five in midfield. The contrast was we moved them high last season and pressing on Juve. We didn’t do that this time.”

“I want to know the squad we are, the one we saw last season pre-COVID or post-COVID. We will have to wait and see.”

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