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Christian Eriksen will have a cardiac defibrillator – a heart monitoring device

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Danish star Christian Eriksen, who suffered a cardiac arrest during his country’s Euro 2020 opening last weekend, will be fitted with a cardiac defibrillator, the Danish Football Union (DBU) announced on Thursday. The Inter Milan midfielder collapsed and requested CPR during Denmark’s game against Finland in Copenhagen, where he remains in hospital. “After various heart tests for Christian, it was decided that he should have an ICD (cardiac starter),” the Danish football body said in a statement on Twitter.

“This device is essential after a heart attack due to arrhythmia. Eriksen accepted the solution and was confirmed by experts nationally and internationally, who all recommend the same treatment. We encourage everyone to give peace and privacy to Christian and his family” said Danish team doctor Morten Bosen.

The British Heart Foundation describes an ICD as a small device placed under the skin, which is attached to the heart with “thin wires” and “sends electrical impulses to regulate abnormal heart rhythms”.

DBU did not provide details about the likely outcome for the 29-year-old Inter’s future career. Former Spurs player Eriksen, now at football club Inter Milan, collapsed shortly before the break against Finland and had to be revived with a defibrillator.

German doctor Jens Kleinfeld, who treated him on the field, told the Funke media group: “About 30 seconds later, he opened his eyes and I was able to speak to him directly. It was a very emotional moment, because in everyday life such medical emergencies, the chances of success are very low.”

Players such as the Dutchman Daley Blind were able to resume their careers after being equipped with a device that controlled heart rate. The announcement of the medical procedure comes hours before the start of Denmark’s next match against Belgium. The Belgian intends to take the ball out of play in the 10th minute to erupt in applause for Eriksen, with the Danish fans planning to gesture as a show of support.

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