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Chiellini: The only flaw Vidal had was his deep love for a drink

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Former Juventus teammate Arturo Vidal stopped from hitting the top of the game because of alcohol consumption, believed Giorgio Chiellini.

During the 2015 Copa America, Chile International was involved in a car accident in his home country, where he was discovered to have crashed his Ferrari whilst under alcohol control.

Chiellini claimed that the only flaw he had in his make-up was his deep love for a drink. He enjoyed four years with the 32-year-old at Juventus, who had subsequent spells with Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

“Footballer is neither a saint nor a devil. The distinction which needs to be established is very different. That is, between the real ones and the fake ones. “- he wrote in an excerpt that was leaked by SOS Fanta.

“On occasion, someone like Vidal went out and drank more than they should have. Everybody knew. Alcohol may be claimed to have been a bit of a weakness to him.”

“But it doesn’t bring into doubt that he’s a winner or what sort of guy he’s.”

“Weaknesses are a component of humankind. What matters is the effect it might have on a team.”