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Chiellini: ‘finals still come too late for us’

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In 2017 during Juventus’ 4-1 loss to Real Madrid, Giorgio Chiellini denied thinking of a bust-up but ruled how ‘finals still come too late for us.’

Without an acknowledgment following the restart in their dressing room, Juve held Madrid 1-1 in the Champions League Final but granted three goals, in the middle of speculation Chiellini and co. argued.

The defender, nevertheless, claimed that his teammates were only ‘tired’, in another passage from his new autobiography, ‘Io, Giorgio’.

“There’s been a lot of talk about Cardiff in the famous Champions League Final defeat to Real Madrid,” wrote the 35-year-old.

“Well, nothing strange happened. We were just tired. Nothing sensational happened at half-time. No-one fought.”

“We lost because we were exhausted. Finals always come too late for us. We were extremely tired after the first half, Mandzukic was unable to walk and Pjanic the same.”

“Both of them had their knees treated while the coach talked to us. We were short of breath so we tried to egg each other on.”

“It was 1-1, but then it ended dramatically.”